Ludmila Bakulina - Polymer Clay Artist

Welcome to SweetyBijou Canada, your final destination for unique and superior tools exclusively for polymer and metal clay artists. I am Ludmila Bakulina, the creative force and active supporter of this project designed to enrich your artistic expression.

SweetyBijou Canada is proud to offer a curated selection of custom tools, carefully designed to support and inspire artists in their creative pursuits. Our product line includes unique silicone textures, rubber textures, plastic cutters and exceptionally sharp cutters, each crafted with attention to detail to ensure optimal quality and precision. We also offer a range of innovative blades and jewelry blanks that can be baked, giving artists the freedom to explore new dimensions in their work.

Since I began my own journey in polymer clay art in 2012, I have delved into the fusion of various mixed materials such as paints, inks, decorative pastes, resins, stones and powders. This wealth of experience is inextricably woven into the structure of our offerings, ensuring that they meet the diverse requirements of our artistic clientele.

SweetyBijou Canada is more than just a tool supplier; we are a center of inspiration and creative growth. To help grow this creative community, I share ideas and techniques through video tutorials aimed at empowering both aspiring artists and seasoned practitioners in mastering polymer clay art. These classes serve as a gateway to the fascinating world of polymer clay, offering expert guidance, inspiration, and artist camaraderie.

With every product, be it jewelry, decorative item or craft tool, I strive to bring elegance and joy to the creative process. SweetyBijou Canada strives to not only enhance the appeal of your artistic creations, but also to uplift your spirits and spread joy through art.

Embark on a journey of artistic discovery with SweetyBijou Canada, where every instrument is the key to unlocking limitless creative possibilities.