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Kite Wide - Set of 11 Polymer Clay Cutters

Kite Wide - Set of 11 Polymer Clay Cutters

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Discover the elegance of precision with our "Wide Kite" polymer clay cutters, a must-have for discerning jewelry makers. These cutters, emerging from the latest 3D printing technology with special materials, offer unmatched sharpness for the most intricate designs. Perfect for both polymer and metal clay, they promise clean cuts for professional-looking earrings, pendants, and other jewelry.

The set spans 11 sizes from the petite 1.0cm to a bold 6.0cm, ensuring the right fit for any project. Our "Wide Kite" cutters are not just tools; they are the bridge between your creative vision and reality, providing the precision you need in every piece you craft.

All sizes define the height of the cut shape

  • 10 mm / 0.4"
  • 15 mm / 0.6"
  • 20 mm / 0.8"
  • 25 mm / 1.0"
  • 30 mm / 1.2"
  • 35 mm / 1.4"
  • 40 mm / 1.6"
  • 45 mm / 1.8"
  • 50 mm / 2.0"
  • 55 mm / 2.2"
  • 60 mm / 2.4"

Additional Information

All these cutters are printed with PLA Pro plastic. The color of the cutters will be as you can see in the pictures or photos, but in some cases, the color may be changed depending on available material. The quality of the cutters will be the same no matter their color.


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