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Huge Triangle Rounded Cutter

Huge Triangle Rounded Cutter

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The Huge Triangle Rounded Cutter is a versatile tool for creating large jewelry, plates, boxes, and home decor from polymer clay. With sizes ranging from 8 to 16 cm, this cutter is perfect for any big project. Whether you're a polymer clay enthusiast or a professional chef, this cutter is a must-have for your toolkit.

All sizes define the height of the cut shape:

  • 8 cm / 3.2"
  • 10 cm / 3.9"
  • 12 cm / 4.7"
  • 14 cm / 5.5"
  • 16 cm / 6.3"

Additional Information

All these cutters are printed with PLA Pro plastic. The color of the cutters will be as you can see in the pictures or photos, but in some cases, the color may be changed depending on available material. The quality of the cutters will be the same no matter their color.


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